Our aim with group fitness classes is to provide classes in an exceptional environment that appeal to a broad range of people for a broad range of needs. Working out in a group can be a fun and is a smart way getting access to fabulous ever changing workouts at a fraction of the cost of personal training. Our classes are suitable for any fitness level and utilise aspects of various training methods including Spin and Spin Hybrid classes, circuit training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Zuu, MetaFit amongst others.

Have a good look at our studio timetable for our standard schedule. However from time to time things do change and trainers do go on holiday or get sick too, so for the most up to date timetable always check in on Zen Planner.


General fitness class with a light strength focus. Incorporating high density training and metabolic conditioning. Utilising all things metal including light bars, dumbbells, kettlebells etc. 45 minute class.

Suitable for all fitness levels.


A mobility based class designed to boost cardio and physical endurance levels and all the while strengthening muscles, joints and ligaments. Power your body with primal movements from the animal kingdom by crawling, lunging and roaring your way through sweat-soaked minutes. Bodyweight moves that target both major and minor muscle groups to work your aerobic and anaerobic systems. Based around getting your body to move more naturally. 45 minute class.

Suitable for all fitness levels.

Ultimate Fit

An extension of our Fit4Strength and Fit4Life classes. Good old 75 minute smash out. Mixed workouts Zuu/body weight resistance/dumbbell/light barbell/boxing. Anything goes.

Not suitable for beginners.


A quickie lunchtime class, Express Fit combines elements of Zuu and Dig Deep, and Express Punch a combo of boxing and HIIT training . 25-35 minute class.


Punch HIIT is a boxing based workout combining HIIT style training, with a dash of light resistance work thrown in to keep it mixed up.  The perfect fat burning combo, guaranteed to leave you sweaty and the endorphins pumping.  45 minute class.