Personal Training

Sometimes we just want that little bit more or that little extra push in our fitness regime.

This is where 1:1 personal training session come into the mix. Whether you are looking for variety, efficiency, help achieving your goals, rehabilitation from injury or illness, personalised gym workouts, help with technique and form, motivation, accountability or privacy in your workout, setting yourself up with a personal training session at The PT Collective gym studio  is definitely the way to go.

We offer 60 minute or express 40 minute sessions.

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Group Fitness

We offer a variety of group fitness gym classes that cater to all fitness levels. All movements can be progressed or regressed to suit the individual. Classes are run by both The PT Collective and KFIT Personal Training and cover General Fitness, Zuu and Spin/Spin Hybrid classes. With a diverse range of classes available, there is something to suit everyone. Please see our class list for a full description of the classes on offer and check out our ever evolving group fitness timetable. All our standard classes only need be booked on a per class basis, and are available to both our membership and concession based clients via our booking app Zen Planner and to casual clients by contacting us prior to class. Please note Power 90 is not one of our standard classes, and must be booked in advance in 6 week blocks.

Private Group Fitness

So the studio timetable doesn't work for you or you want to train with a certain crew of people?

We can schedule a day and time to suit you. This can be on a casual basis or we can lock in something that will work for your group on a regular basis. Perfect for couples, families or groups of friends or workmates.

All our classes are available in this capacity, so tell us what you want and when you want it and we can make it happen.

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Body Composition Analysis

The PT Collective gym studio is home to AccuBody Precise Composition Analysis. The InBody570 machine we use is market leading technology in the field of Bioelectric Impedence Analysis and leaves other brands of BIA machines, caliper testing and domestic scales in its dust. We can analyse your current composition and give you the data to enhance your health and wellbeing, to be able to develop specific fitness programming and set up a pathway for nutritional requirements. The application of this data is wide reaching and relevant to every person.  

Click here for more information on what Body Composition Analysis is all about

Weight Loss Mentoring / Nutritional Support

Accountability and support is paramount when trying to improve your health and composition. Perhaps you already have a fitness regime underway and just want that little bit of extra support. The PT Collective are here to help you identify and reach your goals. Use our experience, knowledge and wisdom to help make losing weight an enlightening and successful experience.