Our Philosophy

Is to guide and inspire others to make fitness a habit and balance a lifestyle.

Our Vibe

It is not our aim to be all things to all people! We have created a friendly, professional yet casual space where the individual and privacy are first and foremost. Where crowds are the exception, not the rule.

Our Studio

The PT Collective is a REPS recognised gym facility based in Blenheim, Marlborough. It is extremely well appointed, with the perfect balance of strength and functional training equipment, along with some cardio essentials thrown into the mix, ensuring diversity to any level of fitness.

Premium gym equipment and flooring make this one of the best studio set-ups in Marlborough and coupled with the unique location, an exciting and satisfying environment to exercise.

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Our People

Lorree Wilson - Owner/Qualified Personal Trainer - REPS registered trainer

I am a REP’s Registered Exercise Professional. This means I meet New Zealand and International Standards to deliver safe and effective exercise advice to you. 

I find it rather cliche as a personal trainer to say that I'm passionate about health and fitness as I'd hope that every PT in the industry is of that mindset. Training people to be the most best version of themselves is a given. I take an assertive approach to training my clients, however I am no ‘drill sergeant’. Personally I term myself a Lifestyle PT. I seek to help people find balance in their fitness and nutrition regimes and helping clients integrate robust habits into already busy lifestyles is paramount for me. My own goals work around being happy, healthy and productive and the use of exercise and good nutrition in a preventative approach to optimal health and aging. If I can get through each and every day, feeling fabulous, keeping stress minimized and giving my friends and family the best of me, then that is success. 

Every person has different needs and goals and finding a way to make everything fit together cohesively like a jigsaw is a life-long challenge. Too often I see people making radical and unsustainable changes, feeling things must be all or nothing, when in reality often the biggest challenge is finding and accepting that moderation is a much more sustainable formula and way of life. 

Along with lifestyle balance, my other areas of special interest are composition change and rehabilitation. 

Rehabilitation and gaining/maintaining mobility goes hand in hand with healthy aging and staying as independent for as long as possible in life. Successful and safe rehabilitation of injury at whatever stage in life is a key foundation activity. Composition change incorporates so much more than just weight loss. I utilise market leading technology InBody570 to assess and analyse body composition. The precise and accurate data on muscle and fat levels, muscular imbalances, bone density and other health measures the InBody570 gives is premium technology. It ensures that when in the assessment and monitoring phases, we remove the often clouding subjective measures that often come into play when looking at body composition.

My machine is one of only a small handful in New Zealand. I have completed more than 1000 body composition assessments and it would be fair to say, I've seen a lot! This valuable data has allowed me a special insight into the trends and effects that various forms of exercise and nutrition, both positive and negative, have on human composition.

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From a training perspective I utilise a variety of training methods encompassing traditional strength work and functional fitness. I like to keep my PT sessions with my clients fresh and diverse and any programming I do for independent self-led training is always tailored to the specific needs and goals of the individual.