The PT Collective testimonials. 


I came to Lorree after weighing myself at home and self-checking my BMI, it was really low. I have had M.S for many years and suffered muscle wastage. After an full body composition assessment, Lorree came up with a flexible plan that i felt confident in, she spent time researching to ensure she was doing right by my individual body and my MS needs. 

Lorree has been pivotal in my change of body and outlook, i have more control over my body finally! 

I highly recommend Lorree's services.

The PT Collective testimonials. 


Lorree is an awesome personal trainer. 

I feel blessed to have been working with her for the past eighteen months. I find her to be a wonderfully supportive and encouraging motivator who listens well and provides creative and challenging workouts which give all over cardio and strength work in a short space of time. Keeping things interesting by mixing each session up I always learn something new that I can use at home and Lorree ensures that I perform all my exercises with correct form for maximum benefit. She is flexible and adaptable to my energy levels too, listens and modifies the workout to ensure it’s both challenging and achievable without being unrealistically difficult. 

The AccuBody scanner is a great tool that complements her training and allows her clients to get a close and accurate eye on their progress. I find it's an excellent way for me to monitor exactly what changes are happening in my body. 

I love working out with Lorree, it's always a pleasure ...and coming from someone who has not enjoyed exercising in the past that's saying a lot .. lol !!

The PT Collective testimonials. 


I couldn't have got to where I am without Lorree!

She is supportive, encouraging and most of all incredibly invested in helping you achieve your goals! I would look forward to weighing in each week, whether it was a good or bad week I would always leave inspired to keep going with different ideas to get me closer to my goal. 

Lorree you rock!